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Terms of Use

These Terms and Conditions of Use regulate the use of the website (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”).

The site is owned and managed by the High Tasters, headquartered at Travessa Doutor Luís Filipe Quintela Lot 7, 1° Left, 2750-631 Cascais, NIF 249949199.

The use of the Site implies full acceptance of the respective Terms and Conditions of Use, as well as the Privacy Policy and Personal Data, in the updated versions available on the Site.

The use of the Site presupposes the declaration by the User/Buyer that it has the legal age established for the consumption of alcoholic beverages in the respective country of residence. Therefore, High Tasters can never be held responsible for the use of the Site by people who are not of the legally imposed age for the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

1. Object
1.1. The purpose of these Terms and Conditions of Use is to provide and define all the necessary information to the User/Buyer regarding the modalities of order, sale, payment and provision of service or delivery of purchases made on the Site.
1.2. These conditions regulate all the steps necessary to place the order and guarantee the follow-up of this order between the Contracting Parties.

2. Access to the Site
2.1. The High Testers, as owners of the Site, may, at their discretion and at any time, limit access to the Site by third parties, for the reasons and for such purposes as they deem necessary. The Senior Tasters may also temporarily or definitively close the Site, if they so choose.
2.2. Access to the services offered by the Site implies full acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Use , and the User/Buyer may open an account for this purpose. When using the services of the Site, the User/Buyer must provide data that allow their identification and contact, pledging to provide true, accurate and up-to-date information.

3. Intellectual Property Rights
3.1. Senior Tasters are holders of intellectual property rights over most of the content available on the Site, namely, images, texts, drawings, among others.

3.2. The Senior Tasters are duly authorized to disclose content owned by third parties on the Site, namely, texts, images, brands, among others.

3.3. It is not allowed for any third party to reproduce, copy or use for any purpose said contents, except with written authorization to that effect provided by the High Tasters.

4. Privacy and Treatment of Personal Data
4.1. In order to use some of the services offered by the Site, the User/Buyer may have to provide certain personal data and choose to create, at the time, an access account. When this is the case, the User/Buyer undertakes to keep the access data secure and not to disclose them to third parties.
4.2. The User/Buyer will also be responsible for updating their personal data following any change.
4.3. If there is a situation of fraudulent use of the access data to the Site, the User/Buyer must immediately inform the High Testers through the email
4.4. The processing of the User/Buyer's personal data is regulated by the Privacy Policy which can be consulted at

5. Newsletter Subscription
5.1. Senior Tasters offer their User/Buyers the possibility of subscribing to a free Newsletter service, through which they can receive information regarding the products and contents present on the Site.
5.2. In order to access this service, the User/Buyer must provide the Senior Tasters with their email address in the field indicated for this purpose, thus subscribing to the service in question. The same may be canceled at any time, simply by requesting such cancellation through a written request addressed to the Senior Tasters to the email
5.3. Nevertheless, the User/Buyer may at any time request the updating, modification, rectification or cancellation of any type of information previously made available, by means of a written request addressed to the High Testers to the email

6. Information Relating to Content, Products and Prices
6.1. The High Tasters reserve the right, at any time and without prior notice, to modify information or commercial offers presented, referring to products, prices, promotions, commercial conditions and services.
6.2. If upon receipt of the order it is found that any of the ordered products is not available in stock, the Senior Tasters will communicate this situation to the User/Buyer and will reimburse the value of the product in question.
Prices are shown in Euros and all prices shown on the Site include the respective taxes and VAT rates in force on the date of payment of the order, unless otherwise indicated.
6.4. The price of the ordered products will be increased by the value of shipping costs (plus VAT at the legal rate in force), except for campaigns in force, information that will be provided during the ordering process. If the User/Buyer does not agree with the value of the postage presented, he should not proceed with the order.
6.5. On some occasions, promotional codes will be made available to Users/Buyers, they cannot be combined with any campaigns in force, and the purchase of a promotional product will eliminate the application of the promotional code for that same product.

7. Purchase process
7.1. The purchase process on the Site will follow these steps:
8.1.1. The User/Buyer registers on the website, providing the information requested therein.
8.1.2. It “login” (providing a combination of e-mail and password chosen by the User/Buyer when registering).
8.1.3. The User/Buyer chooses the Product(s) they want to buy, available on the Site with a description that will allow the User/Buyer to know the essential characteristics of each product and its price, placing them in their shopping basket.
8.1.4. Complete the information and choose the options that are made available to you throughout the order completion process (delivery address and invoice, shipping method, payment method, as well as the TIN and name that, for tax purposes, you want to appear on the invoice). The information contained in the invoice is the sole responsibility of the User/Buyer. Once issued, the invoice cannot be reissued with changes.
8.1.5. The User/Buyer confirms the choice of the Product(s), following which these Terms and Conditions of Use will be made available, which they must acknowledge and accept by clicking on the respective validation.
8.1.6. The final confirmation of the order by the User/Buyer is equivalent to the full and complete acceptance of the prices and description of the products available for sale, as well as these General Conditions of Sale, which will be the only ones applicable to the Purchase and Sale Agreement thus concluded.
8.1.7. The User/Buyer pays for the Product(s) through the selected payment method, and only after that the order will be processed, not considering the unpaid order as a reservation for the selected products.
8.1.8. The User/Buyer will receive an email confirming the receipt and acceptance of their order, to the email address previously provided, with all relevant details regarding payment, billing, delivery, product and value information. Notwithstanding, the purchase and sale agreement entered into will be subject to the resolutive condition of the availability of the product(s) by the Seller.
8.1.9. If the User/Buyer does not receive the above mentioned e-mail, or finds that there is any wrong information or that he/she intends to change it, he/she must notify the High Provers of this fact by e-mail, so that the status of the order can be verified/corrected. If the order has already been shipped, the Senior Tasters will contact the User/Buyer in order to find the most suitable solution for the specific case.
8.1.10. The Seller will be informed by the High Tasters that one or more of its Products has been the subject of an order.
8.1.11. If there is any unavailability of any of the ordered products, the High Tasters will contact the User/Buyer in order to find the most suitable solution.

8.1.13. It will only be considered that there is a purchase and sale contract between the User/Buyer and the seller after receiving the order and respective payment by the High Tasters and sending a confirmation email.
8.2. The status of orders will go through 4 phases: Payable, Paid, Sent and Delivered, with the following meanings:
8.2.1. Per Pay – Waits for the payment to enter the system;
8.2.2. Paid – Phase in which payment has already been received and the order is in processing, packaging and preparation;
8.2.3. Sent – was sent by the seller, while in transit;
8.2.4. Completed – The order has already been delivered to the User/Buyer.

9. Order cancellation
9.1. Orders may be canceled if the User/Buyer expressly requests it, through the email address, insofar as such request is made before the shipment of the respective order, that is, within 24 hours following the completion of the order, the response to such requests being given by the same means.
9.2. After confirming the dispatch of the order, the User/Buyer is requested to contact the High Proving Areas, through the email, in order to verify the most appropriate solution, with the response to such requests being given by the same means.

10. Means of payment
10.1. On the website, the following payment methods are available.
10.1.1. Credit card (Visa, Mastercard);
10.1.2. MBway
10.3. Payments are obligatorily received in Euros, regardless of the currency in which the transaction is made, and the conversion rates for payments made in other currencies will be borne by the User/Buyer.

11. Shipping methods, shipping charges and deliveries
11.1. Deliveries will be made within a maximum period of 24 hours in the municipality of Lisbon, unless stock is out, at the shipping address indicated by the User/Buyer when submitting the order.

11.2. The prices of the products will be added (except for a promotional campaign to offer shipping costs) the respective value of the postage
11.3. The value of postage will always appear in the shopping cart.
11.4. As a rule, the shipment will only be made after payment.

11.5. Upon delivery of orders, the products must be checked. If there is any defect with the delivery, we will exchange the products or refund the money.
11.6. If the User/Buyer finds, within 24 hours after delivery, that any of the items ordered is not in compliance, we ask that they contact the High Tasters immediately through the following e-mail address:, indicating the order number, attaching images of the packaging as received and of all items, and the damaged products and their packaging must be kept, in case verification is necessary, so that we can open the process of investigation of the event and , thus, we can solve the situation in the best way and as soon as possible.
11.17. In the event of an unsuccessful delivery attempt by the transport company, due to the recipient's absence, the User/Buyer will be notified by sms or e-mail in order to reschedule a new delivery.
11.11. If the User/Buyer is unable to receive the order, we ask that they contact the High Tasters through the email, in order to verify which will be the most appropriate solution to resolve the situation.

12. Right of free resolution
12.1. Pursuant to current legislation, in the purchase made from a Seller, the User/Buyer has a period of 14 (fourteen) days from the receipt of the Product(s) ordered to exercise, with the said Seller, through the Senior Tasters, their right of free termination, without payment of indemnity and without the need to indicate the reason.

12.2. To exercise the right in question, the User/Buyer must communicate such intention by email, through the email, mentioning the order number and the products that he intends to return.
12.3. If the User/Buyer exercises the aforementioned right of free termination within the aforementioned period, only the price of the Product(s) purchased will be refunded, with the shipping and return expenses being borne by the User/Buyer.
12.4. The Product(s) must be returned in the original and complete condition (packaging, accessories, instruction manual, etc.) packed in the same way they were received, in the maximum period of 30 (thirty) days from the date of receipt.
12.5. The refund of the amount paid for the returned products is made to the User/Buyer as soon as possible, within a maximum period of 14 (fourteen) days after receiving the returned product(s).

13. Returns
13.1. For exchanges or returns, we ask the User/Buyer to contact the Altos Proving Services through the email, indicating the order number, taking into account the conditions mentioned below:
13.1.1. The return of products will be accepted within 14 days from the date of receipt of the products by the User/Buyer and will only be accepted if they are in perfect condition, in the original packaging, with the respective accessories or promotional offers included, and be accompanied by proof of purchase or invoice, being reimbursed through the same method of payment made by the User/Buyer, if this is not possible, the User/Buyer must present proof of payment and ownership of an account or card, so that the return by Bank Transfer.
13.1.2. Returns of defective products will be accepted, whenever the User/Buyer communicates this circumstance within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt of the product, and, for this purpose, the bottle and its cork must be returned to that the exchange can be carried out. The postage for the return must be borne by the User/Buyer, and will be refunded against proof of their price, after evaluating the alleged problems detected in the product.
13.1.3. Upon receipt of the goods by the respective seller and after checking the status of the same, if the existence of the defect reported by the User/Buyer is proven, the value of the products in question will be returned, using the same method of payment made by the User/Buyer, if this is not possible, the User/Buyer must provide proof of payment and account or card ownership, so that the return can be made by Bank Transfer.
13.1.4. The refund will be made within a maximum period of 14 days after receiving the returned product.
13.1.5. Product returns will not be accepted after use, or if they have been altered or modified.
13.1.6. The Senior Tasters will not be held responsible for deficiencies resulting from incorrect use, negligence, poor storage conditions or causes of force majeure.

14. Responsibility
14.1. The High Testers can only be held liable by the User/Buyer for facts that are directly attributable to him and that cause him damage directly related to the facts in question. Senior Tasters cannot be held responsible for any indirect damage. Likewise, it cannot be held responsible for the incorrect or defective use of the Service by the User/Buyer, nor for facts that are attributable to a third party for the service provided on the Site.

15. Changes to Terms and Conditions
15.1. The Senior Tasters may make any changes/updates they deem necessary to these Terms and Conditions of Use.
15.2. Any changes that may be made will be immediately applicable and published on the Site, so we advise you to consult them regularly, and it is the User/Buyer's responsibility to keep informed of the updated version of these Terms and Conditions of Use, which you can consult on this page, everytime.

16. Questions, Suggestions or Complaints
16.1. Any questions, suggestions or complaints related to these Terms and Conditions of Use, or to the service provided, may be addressed to the following e-mail:
16.2. Any complaints regarding products purchased by the User/Buyer from the sellers must be resolved by the respective seller, and the User/Buyer must submit the same through the messaging tool available on the Service or by email addressed to the Senior Tasters via the address, which undertakes to transmit it to the seller and to use its best efforts to resolve the situation.

17. Partial nullity
17.1. If one or more provisions of these Terms and Conditions of Use are deemed invalid for any legal reasons, this will not affect the validity and effectiveness of the remaining provisions.

18. Competence to settle consumer disputes
18.1. In the event of a consumer dispute, the consumer may resort to the competent alternative consumer dispute resolution entity.
18.2. Thus, under the terms and for the purposes of the provisions of art. 18 of Law No. 144/2015, of 8 September, informs that the ADR entity available is the Consumer Conflict Arbitration Center of Lisbon, with the following contacts:
Address: Faculty of Law, Universidade Nova de Lisboa - Campolide Campus 1099-032 Lisboa
Telephone: 21 384 74 84 (from 3 pm to 4 pm)
Telephone of the General Directorate of Consumer: 707 788 787
18.3. More information at the Consumer Portal”

19. Applicable Law
19.1. All purchases made on the Altos Provadores website are subject to Portuguese legislation. Any conflict or divergence in the interpretation of the Terms and Conditions of Use will be submitted to the competent Portuguese Court.
19.2. If the User/Buyer is located outside Mainland Portugal, we inform you that any legal proceedings must be exclusively filed in the Portuguese Courts.

These general conditions for online sales can be changed without prior notice, and must therefore be consulted before placing any order.

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