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"Senses in Harmony"

Altos Provadores were born in the beginning of 2019, the result of a friendship that has lasted nearly 20 years.

From this friendship came the taste and desire to share, through social networks, some gastronomic and wine experiences that we were living.

Both with professional careers in the hotel industry, tourism and catering, we noticed that we were becoming more and more “demanding” and curious when discovering a new place.

For us, being at the table with family and friends has always been one of the greatest pleasures in life and we easily realized that we could, through Altos Provadores, combine this passion with our profession.


The initial goal of sharing was not only to comment on the dish itself, the service in the restaurant and/or the wine. We realized that people also play a crucial role when it comes to these industries, as they make the places and experiences.


Aiming to value every detail and the final harmony between them all, our goal became to share the overall experience!


Nevertheless, the project grew, the feedback from the public was motivating us and we decided to do something more.

That's how this simple, merely playful sharing, gave birth to more and more ideas in our minds on how this project could become something bigger, where everyone who followed us could also participate with the same passion.

That's how we started our private events, which quickly turned into wine-gastronomic experiences with a high interest rate.

'Gustavo has been the driving force behind Altos Provadoress. Often in the 'shadow', but with the strategy always well outlined. This entire website, as well as all the graphic design of Altos Provadores, was created by him.' - by Alexandre

'Alexandre is the face of Altos Provadores. Extremely communicative and with a great pleasure in sharing experiences, thus allowing to create new synergies and partnerships that led us to the creation of this Site.  He's done an exceptional job as a Brand Ambassador.' - by Gustavo

Alexandre P. Gaspar


The focus of Altos Provadores is centered on the pairing between Portuguese gastronomy and wines. The event organization came naturally in 2002, the year in which we met and became responsible, in a playful way, for the dinners of our group of friends and family. With a taste for this area always present, we decided to combine a little of our knowledge of Portuguese gastronomy and culture to those who want a different dining experience. We propose to combine an excellent service, acquired over the last years in the areas of restaurants, events, hotels, tourism and wine, with the relaxed way of being at the table, so characteristic of the Portuguese people.

Altos Provadores Símbolo
Alexandre Pinto Gaspar | Altos Provadores
Gustavo Luís | Altos Provadores

Gustavo Luís

Ponte Into the Woods

Altos Provadores have always been synonymous with sharing.

Thus, we decided that we will donate 5% of the Wine Shop's revenue to the Portuguese Society of Multiple Sclerosis (SPEM).

SPEM promotes information, awareness and empowerment of patients, families, caregivers and civil society in relation to the disease and its impact.

If you want to know why we support SPEM, click on "See more".

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